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A variety of technology services and infrastructure are available through a number of providers in Valley City and Barnes County.

Avid Hawk LLC

Phone: 605-854-1155

Phone: 605-954-1001

Website: http://www.avidhawk.com

Address: PO Box 470, Desmet, SD 57231

Website Development, Digital Marketing, and Graphic Design.

BEK Communications

Phone: 701-845-0355

Phone: 1-888-475-2361

Email: bekcomm@bektel.com

Website: http://www.bektel.com

Address: 325 2nd St NW, Valley City, ND 58072

Cable, Internet, and Phone services.

CSI, Inc

Phone: 701-845-4383

Phone: 701-252-2225

Email: info@csicable.com

Website: http://www.csicable.com

Address: 308 2nd St SW, Jamestown, ND 58401

Provides affordable Cable TV, high speed internet service choices, TV everywhere, computer sales & repair, local TV, HDTV, advertising, instruction, and business services.


Phone: 701-306-3258

Phone: 701-540-4002

Email: admin@clcommunications.net

Website: http://www.centurylinkdeals.com/high-speed-internet.html

Address: 3902 13th Ave S, Fargo, ND 58103

Internet and phone services.

Data Tranz

Phone: 701-202-3245

Email: info@datatranz.com

Website: https://www.mapquest.com/us/north-dakota/data-tranz-7356123

Address: 146 2nd Ave NE, Valley City, ND 58072

Auto and flat glass software engineering.

EAC Consulting and Development, LCC

Phone: 701-840-2168

Email: info@eacdev.com

Website: http://www.eacdev.com

Networking, software upgrades, network administration, servers, and routers.

Eagle Creek

Phone: (877) 258-5997

Email: valleycity@eaglecreek.com

Website: http://www.eaglecrk.com

Address: 423 Wintershow RD SE, Valley City, ND 58072

Software and consulting services, application development, and date integration.

Hi-Line Technology Solutions

Phone: 855-845-6200

Website: http://www.hilinetech.com

Address: 150 2nd St. SW, Valley City, ND 58072

Security, surveillance, networking, and telecommunication instillation.

Intercommunity Telephone

Phone: 701-845-0355

Phone: 1-888-475-2361

Fax: 701-845-0357

Email: admin@ictc.com

Website: http://www.ictc.com

Address: 325 2nd St NW, Valley City, ND 58072

Home phone service