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2021 Mission Appeal

Donors like you rose to the challenge in the past year and with your support, the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation was able to significantly increase its impact in the Sheyenne River Valley. Thanks to the support of so many, we successfully:

  • Hosted The Longest Table, an event that brought nearly 300 people together to think big and share ideas for improving life in our region. We are now offering grant funds to aid in implementing these innovative ideas in our community.
  • Secured funding so that 50 students in Valley City Public Schools could receive mental health services at school at no cost through the Access For All program.
  • Dedicated over 350 hours of professional services to local nonprofits, helping them achieve their goals.

  And these are only a few examples of the work the Foundation does every single day.

 We can continue to do this meaningful work with sustained support from generous donors like you which is why we are launching our 2021 Mission Appeal with a goal to raise $75,000.



With your financial support, we will continue to provide:

  •  A trusted organization to create charitable funds and uphold your charitable giving goals.
  • Staff who maintain awareness of local needs and connection to charitable organizations. 
  • Direct mentoring and capacity building to local charities.
  • Administrative services to accept grant funds, tax deductible donations, and special projects on behalf of charitable organizations. 
  • Help connect additional financial resources to maximize funding potential and leverage additional support for nonprofits.
  • Grant opportunities to support community projects, nonprofits, and those they serve, which improve the overall quality of life.



Your Financial Support is Needed

Your generosity is greatly appreciated and we ask that you make a gift today.


Quick Contact

Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation
Andrea Nelson, Director
250 West Main Street
Valley City ND 58702

Phone: 701-490-1596
Email: Click Here

We are a critical partner in identifying needs and being a resource for solutions. We are able to have the pulse on emerging and ongoing needs which allows us to create a synergistic link between donors, nonprofits and the community.
The program allowed my children to participate in activities that otherwise would not have been an option for them due to fnancial costs.Community Wellness For All Program Recipient
Andrea Nelson, Director
250 West Main - PO Box 724
Valley City, ND 58072
Phone: 701-490-1596