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2020-2021 Mission Appeal

The Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation is excited to launch our 2020 Mission Appeal with a goal to raise $75,000. Donations will allow us to maintain dedicated staff time and continue to work with local charities, to build philanthropy, and to hold a Community Grant Round. 

Serving the Community

Over the last five years, the combined efforts of our commitment to local charities along with the generosity of our community have had a profound impact on the Sheyenne River Valley.

Your gift allows:

  • Charitable organizations to utilize our administrative services as a way to accept grant funds, tax deductible donations, special projects, and more.
  • Donors, like you, to have a trusted organization to create charitable funds. With due diligence, we manage these funds and uphold the charitable intent in perpetuity. Staff stay informed on local needs and connected to the charitable organizations.
  • Staff time to provide direct mentoring and capacity building to local charities. This in return strengthens their mission and establishes a strong foundation for them to build upon.  
  • Organizations to receive help finding additional financial resources to maximize their funding potential and leverage additional support.

Community Grant Round

Our Community Grant Round is a grant program for local charitable organizations. Funds are awarded to those that demonstrate the ability to address unmet needs or initiatives. This year we were able to award $24,700 among nine nonprofits in Barnes County with a total project impact of $393,072. With many organizations canceling fundraising activities, we expect the need to be much greater this year.

Your Financial Support is Needed

Your generosity is greatly appreciated and we ask that you make a gift today.


Quick Contact

Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation
Andrea Nelson, Director
250 West Main Street
Valley City ND 58702

Phone: 701-490-1596
Email: Click Here

We are a critical partner in identifying needs and being a resource for solutions. We are able to have the pulse on emerging and ongoing needs which allows us to create a synergistic link between donors, nonprofits and the community.
Donors like Charlotte Van Houten Estate, Lilian Jacobson Estate and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph and Jane Winge, who gave to the Barnes Co Historical Society Endowment Fund have made a difference in their community and provided a gift that lasts forever. They are helping to meet the needs of the museum today and for years to come.
Andrea Nelson, Director
250 West Main - PO Box 724
Valley City, ND 58072
Phone: 701-490-1596