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3/15/21 update - SOLD OUT!!

The Valley City Area Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of Valley City, is hosting “For the Love of Local”. “For the Love of Local” is an initiative created with the intention of supporting local businesses in a way that also benefits the people of Valley City and surrounding areas. This event begins February 6th, 2021 and continues until April 30th, 2021, while supplies last. You will be able to purchase Chamber Bucks - and for every dollar you spend on Chamber Bucks you’ll get 25% in addition to the amount you purchase. Chamber Bucks can be used just like a check at all Valley City businesses* from February 6th to April 30th and at all Chamber businesses during and continuing after this period. If you use your Chamber Bucks before April 30th, you can receive special offers at participating businesses as listed HERE!


Chamber Bucks can be purchased at the Valley City Chamber of Commerce, located inside the Rosebud Visitor Center and City Hall. The minimum purchase is $50 and the maximum is $1000 per person. The 25% addition means that for $100 of Chamber Bucks purchased you receive an additional $25, totaling $125 - this is money that you can spend at local businesses! This initiative has been created with the intent of bolstering the local economy to keep our community strong. 


This program is going to help boost our economy and give our community the strength to be the best it can be. The Valley City Chamber of Commerce appreciates your loyalty and participation in Chamber programs. Thank you for supporting our local business community- we hope to see you spending your Chamber Bucks soon!




Overview and Terms & Conditions:

  • Beginning February 6th, Chamber Bucks sales will include an additional 25% in Chamber Bucks. 

  • Please bring CASH, credit and debit cards will not be accepted. Please note that these cannot be deposited into a personal bank account. 

  • During For the Love of Local, Chamber Bucks can be used at any* local business in Valley City. (After the event the policy reverts back to its original terms. Chamber Bucks will be accepted by all Chamber member businesses.)

  • They can be purchased at the Rosebud Visitor Center M-F, 9-3.

  • The minimum purchase, per person, is $50 and the maximum is $1000 - sold in denominations of $10, $20, $25 and $50. Each person must be present to purchase. 

  • An additional 25% will be added to the amount of Chamber Bucks purchased due to $200,000 in CARES Act funding allocated by the City of Valley City. 

  • Example: If someone uses $500 USD to purchase Chamber Bucks, then they will receive $625 in Chamber Bucks to spend at any* local business through April 30th. 

  • Many businesses are offering promotions, specials, and sales during this time. Those deals can be seen HERE!





  • From February 6th through April 30th, the Chamber Bucks aren't intended to be used for medical bills, dental bills, chiropractic bills, prescription medications, public works bills, etc. 

  • “Any”/“All” Local businesses refers to any Valley City businesses that would like to participate. This event is voluntary and not mandatory for the businesses of Valley City. 

  • The additional 25% will be offered on a first come first serve basis until CARES Act funds are exhausted. 





  • Do Chamber Bucks expire?

    • No, but we recommend that shoppers use them by April 30th. After that time not all local businesses will be accepting Chamber Bucks. Please note that these Chamber Bucks cannot be deposited into a personal bank account. 

  • How many Chamber Bucks will be available/how much money will be available for this program?

    • Roughly $200,000.00 was allocated by the City of Valley City for the Chamber of Commerce to use for this event. In total, we anticipate that this will infuse up to $1,000,000.00 into the local economy. 

  • What if I want to participate but I need more help to understand the program?

    • Please contact us at the Chamber of Commerce. 

  • Why the duck?!?

    • Shy-Ann the Duck is the unofficial mascot of the Valley City Area Chamber of Commerce.

  • Can I deposit Chamber Bucks into my personal account?

    • No you cannot.



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