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Posted by Andrea Nelson on 12-20-2018

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year- To Be Giving!

The Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation is your local resource for community giving. Whether you are an individual looking to give to your favorite charity or an organization that needs a platform to share your fundraising needs. We are excited to highlight the powerful stories of three local nonprofits that are helping people right here in Barnes County. Each story gives us an opportunity to think about how we each can make a difference this holiday season.

Part Three: Access For All Program, VCPS Education Foundation

In February 2016, the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation worked with a private donor to establish the Access for All Fund. The donor’s vision was to address the glaring mental health needs of our children as it has become an important public health issue. The Access For All Program provides free counseling services to students of K-12 students attending Valley City Public Schools and K-6 grade students attending St. Catherine Elementary in Valley City, ND. Students who qualify for this program are recommended by the administration or school counselor as needing additional counseling support.

“The Access for All program allows students access to mental health support services and eliminates potential barriers that otherwise could prevent their success in academics, activity, and life,” says Josh Johnson, Superintendent of VCPS.    He continues, “The Access for All program is critical for the needs of our students and we are so thankful and appreciative of the continued support from our community.”

The Access for All Program, now held and administered by the Education Foundation of Valley City Public School, has impacted the lives of over 33 students in less than 24 months. The annual cost to operate this program is approximately $24,000 which is maintained all through private donations and grants.

Jennifer Eberle, owner of Creative Therapy is one of the primary counseling providers working with the program. “I have seen this program give hope to those who have used it. They are now able get support and learn ways to handle life’s challenges that otherwise would not have been possible if not for the Access for All fund. This has been a blessing for so many students that have used it and I genuinely hope that it continues in the future as well!” says Eberle.

For more information on the Access For All program or to donate contact Shari Larson with VCPS Education Foundation at 845-0483

The Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation is proud to work with many small local nonprofits and help them increase their fundraising capacity so they may continue to provide their valuable services to our community. This is one of the ways the generous support received through our Annual Fundraiser and Business Challenge are being used. To learn more about the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation contact Andrea Nelson at 701-490-1596 or visit the website at www.valleycitynd.org/svcf 

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