Frequently Asked  Questions

1. What is the SVCF

We are a means to help those who are looking to improve the charitable needs and initiatives in our community. We offer donors the advantage of leaving a legacy through long term giving.

2. What does SVCF Do?

Simply put, we connect donors with charitable needs.

3. Are there other Community Foundations in the area?

Yes. Community Foundations have been around since 1914. There are many Community Foundations in North Dakota that have a long rich history of philanthropy. The Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation is the only full service community foundation covering Barnes, Ransom and Griggs County.

4. How do you differ from private foundations or United Way?

We resemble organizations like the United Way in the fact we support local nonprofits. What makes us stand out is our ability to grow funds through an invested endowment, not just an annual funding drive.

We accept funds from a variety of donors including individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies. We are required to meet the public charity test- which means donations must come from multiple donors. Private Foundations are created by single donor and funds are managed by its own directors.

5. Why should I establish a fund at the SVCF versus giving directly to a Nonprofit?

Many charitable organizations don’t have the capacity to manage a qualified endowment fund. Gifts to the SVCF ensure:

Donors are have access to all tax benefits available including ND Tax Credit which is only eligible to a qualified endowment fund.

SVCF provides permanence, professional investment management and oversight role in making sure their wishes are met by the recipient organizations.

Some nonprofits prefer to have the SVCF handle the administrative duties of accepting and managing complex gifts.

Depending on your situation, it might be the right answer for you to give a gift directly to the organization. We are here to help with that conversation.

6. How are you funded?

Our funding source comes from unrestricted contributions from local individuals, families, businesses, and foundations. We also cover operating expenses by our administrative fees.

7. What is the benefit of having a local Community Foundation serve Barnes, Ransom, and Griggs County?

We help to cultivate local philanthropy and transfer the wealth to charitable organizations right here in the Sheyenne River Valley. It is our aim to have a clear understanding of the needs and initiatives of our community to best suit donors when making a decision to make a contribution.

8. What is an endowment?

An endowment fund creates a permanent legacy for the community. A qualified endowment fund is defined as a permanent, irrevocable fund that may expend only the income generated by, or the increase in value of, the assets contributed to it. This allows the fund to remain in perpetuity, providing long-term support to the organization it benefits. Creating a permanent fund at the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation is a simple and flexible means of accomplishing your charitable objectives. Contributions to an Endowment Fund offers donors access to take advantage of the ND Legacy Tax Credit which can provide up to 40% tax credit on gifts over $5,000.

9. Are all funds at the SVCF endowed?

No. We offer non-endowed funds for those who prefer to see a greater percentage of their gift distributed annually.

10. What is the investment strategy of the SVCF?

We have a responsibility to our donors and the community to ensure every gift is invested with diligence and a long term view. In order to achieve this we make investments on your behalf based on sound strategies:

  • Asset allocation and balancing risk versus reward; we adjust the percentage of each asset in an investment portfolio.
  • Portfolio diversification- this technique mixes a wide variety of investments within a portfolio that will, on average, yield higher returns and pose a lower risk than any individual investment.

11. What tax advantages would I be eligible for?

Please see our Tax Benefits page for more information on State and Federal Tax benefits.

12. How do I start a fund?

We offer several types of funds, and we’ll work with you and your professional advisor to choose one that will meet your personal, financial, and philanthropic goals. We require a $5,000 minimum to establish a fund with a minimum balance goal of $25,000 in five years.  See our Establishing a Fund page for more information.

13. Can I give to an existing fund?

Yes. You can make additional contributions to any fund whenever you wish. Others can also make contributions to your fund, perhaps to mark a special occasion or support a special project that interests you.

14. What fees may I incur when establishing a fund?

While there is no fee to initiate a fund with us, we do charge an annual administrative fee to help offset the cost of operating the fund. Please call our office to learn more.

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We are stewards of a way of life, investing in its people and helping to shape its future.
We are so thankful to have people in our community who care about the needs of our students as well as an opportunity to collaborate with the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation.Shari Larson, director of the Education Foundation for Valley City Public Schools
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