Gifts Accepted

One of the many joys of a Community Foundation is anyone and any size gift can make a lasting impact in the community. You can start supporting your favorite charities now with an outright gift or give through your estate plan. Either way, your gift is significant when it aligns to your values and supports the local charity needs. Included below are examples of gift accepted at the Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation:

Immediate Gifts

  • Cash, checks, online or credit cards

Stocks & Bonds

  • Transfer of publicly traded stocks and bonds
  • Closely held stocks

Agriculture Products

  • Transfer of grain, livestock, etc.

Real Estate

  • Transfer of land or buildings

Personal Property

  • Transfer of artwork, jewelry, etc.

*Gifts to the Foundation are subject to board approval and shall follow our Gift Acceptance Policy.

Quick Contact

Sheyenne Valley Community Foundation
Andrea Nelson, Director
250 West Main Street
Valley City ND 58702

Phone: 701-490-1596
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We are a critical partner in identifying needs and being a resource for solutions. We are able to have the pulse on emerging and ongoing needs which allows us to create a synergistic link between donors, nonprofits and the community.
The program allowed my children to participate in activities that otherwise would not have been an option for them due to fnancial costs.Community Wellness For All Program Recipient
Andrea Nelson, Director
250 West Main - PO Box 724
Valley City, ND 58072
Phone: 701-490-1596