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VCSU Business Department

The Business Department consists of Business Administration, Business Process Integration Management, and Career and Technical Education

Business Administration (BA)

  • Concentrations: Agribusiness Management, Accounting, Business Process Integration Management, Finance, Human Resources, Management, and Marketing. The BA program provides for a strong study of operations management, project management, and ERP with exposure to a variety of enterprise applications (Oracle, SAP, and Visio).

Business Process Integration Management (BPIM)

  • Focuses on building the communication, problem-solving, business, collaboration and technical skills required by the employers with a focus on business processes and advanced enterprise systems.

Career and Technical Education (CTE) (B.S.)

  • The Career and Technical Education major prepares students for teaching positions in public school Career and Technology Education (CTE) programs, post-secondary programs, and private technical colleges. Graduates are prepared to teach in trade, industry, technical, and health service areas such as automotive technology, construction technology, electronics, health careers, and welding.

For more information, contact: Morgan Keasler, VCSU, morgan.keasler@vcsu.edu, 701.845.7518

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