Advanced Manufacturing

I-94 Regional Development Corridor

Year: 2012
$9 Million investment to purchase and develop 76 acres of land on Interstate 94, to establish the I-94 Development Corridor. Infrastructure includes concrete frontage road providing immediate access to I-94 on Exit 294 and extension of utilities.

Year: 2013
20 Acres at east end of Corridor available for development

Year: 2015
$30.6 Million investment by the ND National Guard including 115,000 sq. ft., four buildings, and a total of 30-35 jobs. The community's contribution in land and infrastructure is well over $2 Million. First two buildings completed in 2017.

John Deere Seeding Group

Year: 2012
Sold 30 acres of Corridor land to John Deere Seeding Group that secured Deere's $20 Million investment into its manufacturing plant. Secured original John Deere plant in 1995 with projected employment at that time between 50-90 jobs. VCBCDC secured 25 acres, extended all infrastructure including concrete, road, water tower, and $1.56 Million local investment. Led the company through permitting process and handled all legal work (annexation, rezoning, vacation section line and platting). John Deere Seeding Group currently employs 250 individuals.

Malach USA

Year: 2005
Secured, Lease Purchase Agreement with Malach USA. Included acquisition of the 70,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and 15 acres of land. Secured financing and completed extensive renovations of 50,000 sq. ft. of primary manufacturing space creating a quality work environment. Building improvements and acquisition was a $1.5 Million investment. The company employs 38 people and is Canadian owned.

Drug Plastics and Glass

Year: 1993 & 1985
Provided financial assistance for an 18,000 sq. ft. addition. Turnkey purchase in 1985 – constructed the original 30,000 sq. ft. building and rail-spur. Upon completion, plant and equipment were sold to the owners, corporate headquarters in Boyertown, PA. The City owns the spur and leases it to the company. The community invested $150,000 and provided property tax incentives.

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