Alliance Pipeline
Year: 2001
Worked with the private developer to construct the $900,000 and 8,500 sq. ft. facility. Assistance included working with engineers, contractors, developer and City of Valley City to extend the water and sanitary sewer mains, and electrical service to the site. Coordinated and guided company as well as developer through annexation, rezoning, and construction permitting. The community also invested $150,000 in this project and provided property tax incentives.

Ashtabula I, II & III Wind Energy Center/Next Era Energy
The Ashtabula Wind I, II and III Energy Center is the largest wind farm in North Dakota, US.  Ashtabula Wind I and III are located in Barnes County and Ashtabula II is located in Griggs and Steele Counties.  Together they produce enough electricity to power 99,000 homes.  The $350 Million wind farm has 250 turbines that are 260 feet in height spread across 77 square miles.  The three plants are operated by subsidiaries of NextEra Energy Resources, the largest wind power generator in the United States.

Glacier Ridge Wind Farm, LLC.
Upon completion, the 300 MW Wind Farm would include 87 turbines and an estimated $375 Million investment encompassing over 34,000 acres of land.  Limited construction began in 2016 with commercial operations to start by the end of 2020.  The farm is located about five miles north of Interstate 94 and west of ND Highway 32 in northeastern Barnes County.  Glacier Ridge’s parent company is Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc. (RES Americas).

TransCanada/Keystone Pipeline
TransCanada Corporation, a Canadian company and sole owner, operates a $2.1 Billion, 30-inch-high pressure crude oil pipeline that extends from the oil sands area of Hardisty, Canada to Patoka, Illinois, a total of 2,147 miles.  The three phases of the Keystone Pipeline have the capacity to deliver up to 1,290,000 barrels per day to Mid-West and Texas refineries.  Phase III was completed in 2014 and consists of the extension to Cushing, Oklahoma.

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