City of Valley City (701-845-1700, Extn. 1)

  • Owns and maintains the electric distribution system.
  • Electrical power purchased from the Western Area Power Administration (www.wapa.gov) and Missouri River Energy Services (www.mrenergy.com).
  • Two electric substations with 25 mega watt capacity each.
  • Peak demand is 20 mega watt with load management.

Cass County Electric Cooperative (701-356-4511)

  • Owns the source of power and has mine mouth generation with the power plant located adjacent to the mining operation.
  • Aggressive load management programs.
  • Electrical power purchased from Minkota Power Cooperative Inc. (www.minkota.com)
  • Serves over 56,000 accounts, with 5521 miles of line in 10 counties.
  • Energy cost analysis available for operations with an energy use profile.



City of Valley City (701-845-1700, Extn. 1)

  • Sourced from wells in the Valley City aquifer and the Sheyenne River.
  • Total storage capacity is over 2 million gallons with clear well capacity of 1.5 million gallons.
  • Water treatment plant capacity is 4 million gallons per day.
  • Pumping capacity is 3.5 million gallons per day.
  • Excess capacity is 3 million gallons per day.

Barnes Rural Water Users, Inc. (701-845-1117)

  • Water sourced from Spiritwood Aquifer, Urbana, ND, serves over 2,000 accounts in 17 cities.
  • Annual water consumption is 120 million gallons.



City of Valley City (701-845-1700, Extn. 1)

  • Owned and operated by the City of Valley City.
  • Sanitation/sewer services provided through 120 acres of lagoon cells and 11 lift stations.
  • Over 192 million gallons of holding capacity over 6 months.
  • Present load is one million gallons per day.
  • Excess capacity is 30 million gallons over 6 months.
  • Transfer station.


Natural Gas

Montana – Dakota Utilities (800-638-3278)

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City Sales Tax Extension

City Sales Tax Extension


On June 14th, 2022 during Valley City's primary election, there will be an advisory vote on two questions regarding city sales tax extension. Find out about this extension of time and why it's vital to Valley City's quality of life....

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