City of Valley City (701-845-1700, Extn. 1)

  • Owns and maintains the electric distribution system.
  • Electrical power purchased from the Western Area Power Administration (www.wapa.gov) and Missouri River Energy Services (www.mrenergy.com).
  • Two electric substations with 25 mega watt capacity each.
  • Peak demand is 20 mega watt with load management.

Cass County Electric Cooperative (701-356-4511)

  • Owns the source of power and has mine mouth generation with the power plant located adjacent to the mining operation.
  • Aggressive load management programs.
  • Electrical power purchased from Minkota Power Cooperative Inc. (www.minkota.com)
  • Serves over 56,000 accounts, with 5521 miles of line in 10 counties.
  • Energy cost analysis available for operations with an energy use profile.



City of Valley City (701-845-1700, Extn. 1)

  • Sourced from wells in the Valley City aquifer and the Sheyenne River.
  • Total storage capacity is over 2 million gallons with clear well capacity of 1.5 million gallons.
  • Water treatment plant capacity is 4 million gallons per day.
  • Pumping capacity is 3.5 million gallons per day.
  • Excess capacity is 3 million gallons per day.

Barnes Rural Water Users, Inc. (701-845-1117)

  • Water sourced from Spiritwood Aquifer, Urbana, ND, serves over 2,000 accounts in 17 cities.
  • Annual water consumption is 120 million gallons.



City of Valley City (701-845-1700, Extn. 1)

  • Owned and operated by the City of Valley City.
  • Sanitation/sewer services provided through 120 acres of lagoon cells and 11 lift stations.
  • Over 192 million gallons of holding capacity over 6 months.
  • Present load is one million gallons per day.
  • Excess capacity is 30 million gallons over 6 months.
  • Transfer station.


Natural Gas

Montana – Dakota Utilities (800-638-3278)

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