Value Added Agriculture

Northern Plains Grains & Milling
Provided $88,000 in financial assistance to access the PACE Program for the Company's expansion of a seed processing facility. The Company provides food ingredients to pet food manufacturers.

ND Soybean Processors
Located in the Spiritwood Energy Park (SEPA), the $240 Million soybean crushing plant will crush about 125,000 bushels per day or about 42 million bushels per year.  Barnes, Stutsman and LaMoure counties have produced about 42 million bushels of soybeans each of the last two years and can supply the plant with all the soybeans it needs locally.  Construction would begin immediately after the $60 Million in private equity investment is secured, which is expected to be late fall or spring 2018.  Construction is anticipated to last about two years.  The plant would employ between 55 and 60 permanent, full-time people.  Based on demand, a new processing plant would need to be built every two or three years assuming no existing plants close.  SEPA is located about 15 miles west of Valley City and 15 miles east of Jamestown. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2018.

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